Sound masking minimizes voice distraction and promotes speech confidentiality.  Studies show that uncontrolled noise distractions cause up to a 30% loss in productivity.  That translates directly to the bottom line for the shareholders.  Any improvements in this area will be multiplied across the company’s payroll reaping huge profits for the corporation.

Sound masking treats the problem by introducing an electronically generated background sound that is precisely contoured to cover speech intelligibility.  The masking sound is often described as being similar to air moving through an HVAC duct.  This gentle background sound, when done properly is extremely effective at covering or masking speech from nearby sources.  In typical offices, speech can be heard and understood from 45-60 feet away and with sound masking that distance is reduced to 15-18 feet.

Sound masking technology has been around for over forty years and has been successfully utilized to control unwanted speech in millions of offices around the world.  The electronic equipment is fairly simple, but the execution is complex.  A masking system is comprised of a generator, amplifiers, equalizer and speakers configured to broadcast the generator’s spectrum throughout the space that is covered by the speaker array.

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Privacy Index Rating:

  • Confidentiality - Private Offices & Conference Rooms
  • Normal - Open Plan with High Wall Cubicles
  • Transitional - Call Centers or Low Panel Cubicles
  • None - Lost Productivity

Who Needs Sound Masking?

  • Offices
  • Law Firms
  • Government Facilities
  • Medical Facilities
  • Call Centers